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I'll be back

April 5 2024 Opinion Corner
I've been away in more ways than one. In my 60's and every year seems to... ...read more

BOUGIE BOUGIE BOUGIE... It's an adjunct to Optimized Laryngoscopy!

December 20 2021 Opinion Corner
Ok so what's new about something that's been around for so long. The tra... ...read more

Human Factors and System Design in Emergency Airway Management- Society For Airway Management 2021

November 10 2021 Opinion Corner
This is the the Richard Aghababian Emergency Airway Lecture I presented at the S... ...read more

COVID-19 Airway Management Grand Rounds May 2021

May 14 2021 COVID-19 Materials
On May 12 we had limited 'seats' by Zoom. Appologies. This is now open a... ...read more

Master folder COVID19 Materials Updated 07/05/21

May 7 2021 COVID-19 Materials
For full resolution Materials: Select hyperlinked download.   2021 Ver... ...read more

Laryngoscopy and Bougie Pearls and Pitfalls Part 2: How to

February 2 2021 Opinion Corner
Part 2 is a deeper dive into the 'how to' use the bougie focusing on the... ...read more

Laryngoscopy and Bougie Pearls and Pitfalls Part 1: When and Why

February 2 2021 Opinion Corner
This is Part 1 of a deep dive into bougie use as an adjunct for laryngoscopy. Th... ...read more

EM Grand Rounds: Optimizing the DangerousER Airway in Dangerous Times

February 1 2021 Opinion Corner
These were Grand Rounds. It's about what the title says. Upload December 29 ... ...read more

Airway Management Guidelines for Patients with Known or Suspected COVID-19 Infection Version 4.23 May 4 2021

January 25 2021 COVID-19 Materials
This is version 4.23 of our Provincial Document (5th iteration). It will be hous... ...read more

CPAP Recruitment and De-recruitment

December 17 2020 Opinion Corner
Part 1: Using Clinical Cadavers we've tested various flow/PEEP combinations ... ...read more

A Mass Casualty In Slow Motion: Emergency Medicine During the COVID-19 Surge in New York City

May 13 2020 COVID-19 Materials
A  must read personal account by Reuben Strayer of EM Updates describing th... ...read more

“Silent hypoxaemia” and COVID-19 intubation

May 2 2020 COVID-19 Materials
Anaother great post from LITFL: “Silent hypoxaemia” and COVID-1... ...read more

Trying to understand the pathophysiology of the 'tolerant hypoxemic'

April 25 2020 COVID-19 Materials
We are learning about a new disease and the way it presents. From what we know, ... ...read more

COVID19 Airway Management Approach Videos

April 25 2020 COVID-19 Materials COVID-19 Approach Videos
Note: Updated Materials in May 2021 COVID19 Airway Management Grand RoundsThere ... ...read more

Approaches to CPAP Preoxygenation and Apneic CPAP

April 24 2020 COVID-19 Materials COVID-19 Procedure Videos
Note: Updated materials summarized in May 2021 COVID19 Airway Grand Rounds1. Tra... ...read more

Optimized COVID19 Video Laryngoscopy both Mac and Hyperangulated

April 23 2020 COVID-19 Materials COVID-19 Procedure Videos
1. Optimized Macintosh (Standard Geometry) Video Laryngoscopy     ... ...read more

Recommendations for PPE in the Emergency Department During COVID-19

April 22 2020 COVID-19 Materials
       Recommendations for PPE in the Emergency Department D... ...read more

(Update) Emergency Cricothyrotomy (emergency Front of Neck Airway)

April 11 2020 COVID-19 Materials COVID-19 Procedure Videos
Practice this using low fidelity models. Do it 30 times. Close your eyes go thro... ...read more

Life In The FASTLANE (LITFL) COVID19 Materials

April 6 2020 COVID-19 Materials
Great resource describing the illness as per usual by LITFL updated weekly (clic... ...read more

Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society COVID19 Resources

April 3 2020 COVID-19 Materials
COVID19 resources from Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society Website​ ...read more

Why do we recommend routine use of a bougie with Macintosh Video Laryngoscope

April 1 2020 COVID-19 Materials
Bougie lessons from the literature and experience So the Driver study&... ...read more

2-handed mask application/ventilation: Use the V-E grip as part of an aggressive jaw thrust

March 30 2020 COVID-19 Materials COVID-19 Procedure Videos
...read more

EM Cases: Protected Intubation for COVID-19

March 29 2020 COVID-19 Materials
"There are many complicated guides on airway management and protected intub... ...read more

Probably the most important approach video for healthcare providers managing COVID19 patients

March 25 2020 COVID-19 Materials COVID-19 Approach Videos
...read more

First pass success depends on first pass anticipation of difficulty: Optimized hyperangulated laryngoscopy and intubation

December 25 2019 Opinion Corner
The difficult airway is often iatrogenic. Challenges may have nothing to do with... ...read more

First pass success depends on first pass anticipation of difficulty: Optimized bimanual Macintosh laryngoscopy and intubation

December 19 2019 Opinion Corner
The difficult airway is often iatrogenic. Challenges may have nothing to do with... ...read more

The Dangerous Airway

December 18 2019 Opinion Corner
...read more

EMCrit's Kovacs Kata

August 9 2019 Opinion Corner
Scott Weingart posted this on EMCrit. It's a version of optimization or best... ...read more

EMCrit post on ketamine for Dissociated Awake Intubation: My rebuttal while smoking brisket

May 17 2019 Opinion Corner
There has been some great dialogue and discssion on how ketamine is used to faci... ...read more

Ketamine for Intubation

May 13 2019 Opinion Corner
What are the risks and benifits of using ketamine to facilitate intubation? Does... ...read more

Infinity Edition Excerpt: Sugammadex

April 14 2019 Opinion Corner
Here's an excerpt from our recently posted Airway Pharmacology Chapter in Th... ...read more

Infinity Edition Excerpt: Ketamine

April 14 2019 Opinion Corner
Here's an excerpt from our recently posted Airway Pharmacology Chapter&... ...read more

Checklist Check-up Version 6

January 13 2019 Opinion Corner
Airway management in emergencies is always complex and the most important factor... ...read more

The Ramsay approach for safe scalpel finger bougie crics

December 19 2018 Opinion Corner
...read more

EVLI for optimized first pass success laryngoscopy and intubation

December 19 2018 Opinion Corner
...read more

Five Things That Need To Change Now About Current Airway Management Practices

November 23 2018 Opinion Corner
Society for Airway Management, Ovassapian LectureChicago 2018, J Adam Law​​D... ...read more

AME Infinity Edition Excerpt: Awake How To

November 4 2018 Opinion Corner
Preparation of monitors, oxygen, BVM device with a PEEP valve, suction, endotrac... ...read more

AME Infinity Edition Excerpt: Awake, When and Why

November 4 2018 Opinion Corner
When and Why to do an Awake Tracheal IntubationAn awake intubation should be con... ...read more

Waveform Capnography for Emergency Airway Management

September 26 2018 Opinion Corner
It's been too long since we've posted something. Appologies. Here is an ... ...read more

“We need to move away from EtCO2 detection in the ED”…

May 11 2018 Opinion Corner
WTF!  For many years, end tidal CO2 has been considered the objective ... ...read more

Excerpts from Airway Physiology and Anatomy: A Deep Dive Chapter in Airway Management in Emergencies the Infinity Edition

April 18 2018 Opinion Corner
​Airway Anatomy: Its ImportanceA clear mental picture or "gestalt" o... ...read more

Airway Opening: Managing your enemy, It's the simple stuff that saves lives

February 19 2018 Opinion Corner
In general we've always taught that its the simple stuff that saves lives. A... ...read more

Infinity Edition Next Chapter: Active Airway Management: A Prioritized Approach to Tracheal Intubation

February 17 2018 Opinion Corner
​Key Points: Check it out​The fundamental goals of airway management ar... ...read more

Welcome to the Infinity Edition of Airway Management in Emergencies

January 12 2018 Opinion Corner
​It's been too long, almost 7 years since the last edition of our textbook... ...read more

The ABCDEs of Airway Management in the Critically Ill

December 26 2017 Opinion Corner
We've all grown up in acute care medicine drinking the ABC elixir to help gu... ...read more

What does waveform capnography look like in an ETT that is in a supraglottic position

October 22 2017 Opinion Corner
There was a recent case of a trauma with facial injuries that was intubated preh... ...read more

More on 3 moves to help ETT advancement with hyperacute VL blade use

August 29 2017 Opinion Corner
In my last post Too much of a good thing I reviewed the importance of Hyperacute... ...read more

EMCrit Wee: Massive Hemoptysis

July 31 - August 1 2017 Opinion Corner
George Kovacs left a great comment on the hemoptysis post:Great discus... ...read more

Too much of a good thing can be bad with VL

August 1 2017 Opinion Corner
Seeing is believing but to much of a good thing can be bad as demonstrated in th... ...read more

Airway management quickie pearls

July 1 2017 Opinion Corner
Here are a couple more 90 sec twitter pearls posted recently:​  ...read more

The Psychologically Dangerous Airway

June 7 2017 Opinion Corner
I've been giving a version of this talk over the past several years to vario... ...read more

Airway Pearl: Get a grip

April 19 2017 Opinion Corner
When gripping a  direct laryngoscope choke up on the blade. Here's a qu... ...read more

Airway Pearl: Make DL great again

April 9 2017 Opinion Corner
The hidden story in the VL-DL discussion is that DL skills have deteriorated sig... ...read more

Airway Pearl: Don't over-ventilate your patient

March 25 2017 Opinion Corner
While gas exchange defines both oxygen delivery and CO2 removal, effective oxyge... ...read more

Wake up and make awake intubation an option

March 7 2017 Opinion Corner
I posted an interview with a master of the awake intubation Dr. Ian Morris as Pa... ...read more

Sleepless in Halifax

February 8 2017 Opinion Corner
I have had the great geographical fortune of living in Halifax which has been a ... ...read more

Light Camera Action: Redirecting Videolaryngoscopy

January 19 2017 Opinion Corner
This is a re-post of a piece that was published on EMCrit​George Kovacs a... ...read more

Standing in a Canoe

October 5 2016 Opinion Corner
So there are no shortages of guidelines and decision rules designed with the int... ...read more

The Psychologically Difficult Airway SAM Atlanta 2016

September 17 2016 Opinion Corner
Thanks for the great feedback from my talk at the Society for Airway Management ... ...read more

Airway Ultrasound: Prime time or waste of time?

August 25 2016 Opinion Corner
There are an increasing number of publications describing the role of POCUS in a... ...read more

Macintosh Video Laryngoscopy: Why does it add value?

August 3 2016 Opinion Corner
7 Reasons why Mac VL adds value:Congrats John Sakles, Jarod Mosier and others on... ...read more

Twist and Shout your ETT: go Left with Bougie go Right with Stylet

July 23 2016 Opinion Corner
ETT advancement problems are not uncommon scenario but can easily be overcome if... ...read more

Preloaded d-grip bougie use caution

July 22 2016 Opinion Corner
There is great benefit to simplifying a process to minimize adverse events and i... ...read more

Introducing Airway Art from the Airway Gladiator

May 18 2016 Opinion Corner
I still consider myself new to FOAMed. It was a matter of necessity as an educat... ...read more

Pearls for front-of-neck emergency airway management

May 16 2016 Opinion Corner
There have been a few emergency surgical airway (ESA) success stories ... ...read more

SMACC byte: Airway Management Kata

April 27 2016 Opinion Corner
In times of stress it is often difficult for clinicians to retrieve vital inform... ...read more

AME 3rd ed Excerpt: Pearls and pitfalls of preoxygenation and apneic oxygenation using HFNO

April 1 2016 Opinion Corner
Airway Management in Emergencies 3rd edition book excerpt from ​Chapter 4... ...read more

Is there a role for awakening the critically ill patient?

April 1 2016 Opinion Corner
Is there a role for Sugammadex to awaken the patient with a failing airway? Perh... ...read more

What about aerosolizing lidocaine to topicalize the airway?

February 3 2016 Opinion Corner
We've been trying to simplify an approach to topicalizing the airway for wha... ...read more

Awake Intubation after Topicalization of the/my airway and the Penetrating Neck Injury

January 28 2016 Opinion Corner
Several years ago we reviewed a paper presenting a case series of airway managem... ...read more

Airway Topicalization the Recipe for a Successful Awake Intubation

January 27 2016 Opinion Corner
Awake intubation is all about cooperation and cooperation is all about making th... ...read more

Apneic CPAP using Passive High Flow Oxygenation with BVM/PEEP valve and Nasal Prongs

December 13 2015 Opinion Corner
We have the great privilege of having access to clinical cadavers. These gifts h... ...read more

Aggressive Airway Management for Massive Epistaxis

December 6 2015 Opinion Corner
Drs George Kovacs and Sam Campbell have a spontaneous 'out of the box' c... ...read more

DAS Guidelines Highlights (Updated Walkabout)

November 22 2015 Opinion Corner
​I happened to be at the World Airway Management Meeting (WAMM) in November fo... ...read more

Rock still Rocks

November 2 2015 Opinion Corner
Rocuronium versus succinylcholine for rapid sequence induction intubationDiem Tt... ...read more

3 Ways to Bougie

October 30 2015 Opinion Corner
A Seldinger technique doesn't have to involve a wire. In an emergency settin... ...read more

Glidescope Titanium Orientation

October 19 2015 Opinion Corner
We are replacing our first generation Glidescope with the new Titanium version. ... ...read more

Fun Glove PEEP Demo

October 13 2015 Opinion Corner
This was a fun demo showing what PEEP does.​ ...read more

Airtraq iphone adapter

September 30 2015 Opinion Corner
The recently released iphone adapter for Airtraq. Pretty easy to use with good q... ...read more

Understanding your equipment... The BVM

July 24 2015 Opinion Corner
Oxygen delivery using a Manual Resuscitator (aka bag-valve mask/BVM device) is c... ...read more

Success and the Four Cs

July 20 2015 Opinion Corner
Whether it's my kids or an aspiring physician the message is the same. Succe... ...read more

Humbled by their Gifts after Death

June 3 2015 Opinion Corner
I have previously discussed the educational challenges of addressing the high ac... ...read more

Video Laryngoscopy Pearl: Not So Close

April 9 2015 Opinion Corner
When performing VL it seems intuitive that bigger is better on the screen. The 2... ...read more

Why I like flexible bronchoscopy as a difficult airway option and Boston Cream donuts

April 6 2015 Opinion Corner
 Fitzgerald et al. 'From darkenss into light' Anaesthesia 2015​I ... ...read more

Is it time to deemphasize wire-guided emergency cricothyrotomy... YES

April 5 2015 Opinion Corner
The Difficult Airway Society agrees in their upcoming 2015 updated guidelienes t... ...read more

Complexity, Mental Rehearsal and Responding in Emergencies

March 26 2015 Opinion Corner
The tragic air crash in the French Alps this week makes us reflect not only on o... ...read more

So what is your plan A,B&C?

March 13 2015 Opinion Corner
Having a Plan is not an isolated cognitive aid for you alone, its something... ...read more

Safety & The Laryngoscopy Debate

March 3 2015 Opinion Corner
Perhaps direct laryngoscopy (DL)  is becoming a dying art. Is this move in ... ...read more

Just Breathe

February 8 2015 Opinion Corner
One of the greatest challenges of emergency airway management is managing our ow... ...read more

Opinion Corner: Defining quality of care for airway management in emergencies

February 4 2015 Opinion Corner
With growing data from airway management registries it is time to move away from... ...read more

The first AIME Advanced program completed

January 30 2015 Opinion Corner
​After 15 years and over 200 courses in Canada and elsewhere it was time to ad... ...read more

VL or DL Doesn't Matter- It's about having a Plan A,B,C!

January 14 2015 Opinion Corner
We get asked quite frequently to wade in on the DL versus VL debate, the new ver... ...read more

Home Depot Ryobi Experiment

January 7 2015 Opinion Corner
Ryobi video inspection camera available at Home Depot for 99 dollars. It connect... ...read more

Opinion Corner: The competence-experience gap (Part 2)- The problem with plastic

December 20 2014 Opinion Corner
​"Quick, get the machine that goes ping, the hospital administrator are c... ...read more

AIME airway literature

December 5 2014 Opinion Corner
Join the over 500 followers of the AIME Airway public folder containg recent air... ...read more

Opinion Corner: The competence-experience gap (Part 1)

December 5 2014 Opinion Corner
​How do you become competent and stay competent in performing potentially life... ...read more

AIME is Offering New Programs!

December 5 2014 Opinion Corner
AIME Advanced Clinical Cadaver Program: This program is designed for the cl... ...read more