BOUGIE BOUGIE BOUGIE... It's an adjunct to Optimized Laryngoscopy!

Ok so what's new about something that's been around for so long. The trachela tube introducer AKA bougie ain't majic but it can be very helpful depending on how skilled you are as an airway manager as an adjunct to optimized laryngoscopy. Here is My Bougie Rant, Pre- Just released BOUGIE Trial in JAMA on December 8, 2021. Also attached is the livestream discussion of the trial hosted by Critical Care Reviews. I was one of 3 panelist blinded to the results invited to comment after the authors presented their findings. Amazing collaborative work in completing this unfunded ED/ICU multicenter RCT comparing use of the bougie to a stylet as an adjunct to Macintosh laryngoscopy and intubation. This was followup to the single center BEAM trial also published in JAMA in 2018.

How will this change your practice? More on this soon.

Critical Care Review BOUGIE Trial Results Presentation
Critical Care Review BOUGIE Trial Panel Discussion

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