Airway management in a new and changing world

A​IME airway programming had been on hold for obvious reasons but WE ARE BACK with new AIME 2.0 materials. 
New Dates for AIME On-the-road, Our CAEP travelling roadshow are now open for registration with more hands on time. A new awake intubation course- AIME Awake attached to our AIME Advanced (Cadaveric) course will be offered starting in the fall of 2022. Registration is open!

Come to the Society for Airway Management Meeting in Tucson, Arizona. September 15-18


Airway Management in Emergencies
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  • OCT

    AIME Advanced (FULL)

    Halifax, NS 

  • OCT

    AIME On-the-Road (FULL)

    Port Alberni, BC 

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    AIME On-the-Road

    Prince George, BC 

  • NOV

    AIME On-the-Road

    Prince George, BC 


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