I'll be back

I've been away in more ways than one. In my 60's and every year seems to be busier than the previous. The past sevearl years in particular. I am so fortunate particularly now that I am a grandfather of 2. Despite the chaos of emergency medicine (broken water main at our hospital... pic above is our 'facilities' for ED waiting room) I still love my job doing the best I can for the patients that need me. I've also been very lucky to travel for work and tie in some exploring with my better half. Just returned Singapore where I was an imposter teaching a flexible bronchoscopy workshop and giving a couple talks at the World Congress of Anesthesiologists. It's been well over 2 years since I left social media and am confortable in saying I won't be back. However my plan is to to be back via video posts as I've done before. There's a lot of material I want to share.

Be well be kind


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