Five Things That Need To Change Now About Current Airway Management Practices

Society for Airway Management, Ovassapian Lecture
Chicago 2018, J Adam Law

Dr. Andy Ovassapian was a tireless advocate for safe airway management.  A superb clinician, mentor, researcher, and above all, educator, Dr. Ovassapian was a pioneer in advancing the use of awake fiberoptic intubation for the difficult airway patient.  Since then, other cognitive and equipment innovations in airway management have further benefited the cause of patient safety. I offer the following thoughts on directions we might need to take from this point forward.   
1.  Can’t intubate, can’t oxygenate:  where do we go from here?2.  Airway management outside the OR:  we’re all in this together3. Video Laryngoscopy: Truly a new paradigm?4. We need to change our evolving attitude to awake flexible endoscopic intubation​5. Does every country really need to publish their own airway management guidelines?

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