Apneic CPAP using Passive High Flow Oxygenation with BVM/PEEP valve and Nasal Prongs

We have the great privilege of having access to clinical cadavers. These gifts help us understand and teach clinical medicine in a safe environment and ultimately lead to improved patient care. The preparation used provides a life like representation of the human body and in this case the lungs behave as if there was fulminant pulmonary edema. This sequence demonstrates the effect of passive closed system high flow oxygenation (25 lpm) applied via nasal prongs and a 5-valve BVM. Despite having a forward expiratory disc valve and a 1-way inspiratory duck bill valve the respiratory tract is not pressurized until PEEP is applied. Then alveolar recruitment is rapidly achieved. In a separate video we recorded the effect BVM/PEEP with and without HFNO. The HFNO definitely contributed to the recruitment process.Finally note the minimal requirements needed to re-expand the lung with 1-2 small volume breaths.‚Äč

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