EMCrit post on ketamine for Dissociated Awake Intubation: My rebuttal while smoking brisket

There has been some great dialogue and discssion on how ketamine is used to facilitate airway management either alone or with topicalization. As per my last post, this discussion began after Reuben Strayer's piece on Emergency Medicine Updates and their recently published paper on the subject. Scott Weingart and I engaged in some healthy debate/discussion which resulted in a 2 part EMCrit post: My full video presentation on Ketamine for Airway Management (38 min) and an edited (by EMcrit with my permission) shorter 20 min version as it was thought my original post may be too long for some listners. If you are interested in this subject THEN PLEASE LISTEN TO THE FULL VERSION. Scott then posted his follow-up piece on Dissociated Awake Intubation (36 min... 2 min shorter than my unedited full version). Airway management has been a major interest of mine throughout my career (I was motivated by fear) however I'm always an emerg doc by trade first who resuscitates patients as part of a full package of care. I'm not just the airway guy. After listening to Scott's excellent post on Dissociated Awake Intubation where he talks to/refers to me throughout the post, I felt a need to put together a brief backyard rebuttal while smoking brisket (2 of my 4 kids are in town).


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