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COVID-19 Airway Management Grand Rounds May 2021

May 14 2021
On May 12 we had limited 'seats' by Zoom. Appologies. This is now open a... ...read more

Master folder COVID19 Materials Updated 07/05/21

May 7 2021
For full resolution Materials: Select hyperlinked download.   2021 Ver... ...read more

Airway Management Guidelines for Patients with Known or Suspected COVID-19 Infection Version 4.23 May 4 2021

January 25 2021
This is version 4.23 of our Provincial Document (5th iteration). It will be hous... ...read more

A Mass Casualty In Slow Motion: Emergency Medicine During the COVID-19 Surge in New York City

May 13 2020
A  must read personal account by Reuben Strayer of EM Updates describing th... ...read more

“Silent hypoxaemia” and COVID-19 intubation

May 2 2020
Anaother great post from LITFL: “Silent hypoxaemia” and COVID-1... ...read more

Trying to understand the pathophysiology of the 'tolerant hypoxemic'

April 25 2020
We are learning about a new disease and the way it presents. From what we know, ... ...read more

Recommendations for PPE in the Emergency Department During COVID-19

April 22 2020
       Recommendations for PPE in the Emergency Department D... ...read more

Life In The FASTLANE (LITFL) COVID19 Materials

April 6 2020
Great resource describing the illness as per usual by LITFL updated weekly (clic... ...read more

Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society COVID19 Resources

April 3 2020
COVID19 resources from Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society Website​ ...read more

Why do we recommend routine use of a bougie with Macintosh Video Laryngoscope

April 1 2020
Bougie lessons from the literature and experience So the Driver study&... ...read more

EM Cases: Protected Intubation for COVID-19

March 29 2020
"There are many complicated guides on airway management and protected intub... ...read more

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